Song Database slow to load

I imported songs from Easyworship 2007 which had a 20Kb filesize and the equilavent quealea database was 290Kb. I have got it down to 90Kb by exporting as Quelea Song Pack, deleting the database files and importing back, but the song database still takes about 30 seconds to start. Is this normal. Also when I delete a song, it takes 15 seconds to refresh . I have a fast laptop, so I dont think that is the issue

I’ve also experienced this in the past, but especially with older laptops. I remember I started investigating this a few years back and realized it has to do with the way Quelea indexes the song ID’s, since it updates the ID of every song in the database when an item is added or removed. If you have a lot of songs in the database, that’s bound to take some time even on a fast laptop. Not sure about the loading part, but if we can, we should definitely do something about that as well. Would you mind creating an issue for it on GitHub so that we won’t forget about it and you can keep track of any updates we make for this?