Text Only Slide

I want to create slides that only have text on them, not songs but text for things like, “Welcome” or “Offering” and that sort of thing. I also need to be able to adjust the individual text font size so some text on the slide can be larger than others.

In addition, I need to be able to add in a Call to Worship slide, which would have different words each week, but even trying to add it as a song, I end up with the text being very small instead of extending to the edges of the screen as you can see in this image:

Well, I actually figured out a solution. Since I have PowerPoint, I am able to create a pptx presentation for the Call to Worship slides and put that into Quelea.

Afraid that isn’t possible at present by using songs - the only workaround is to use an image or a powerpoint presentation as you have done.

As for the character width though - you should be able to sort that out by adjusting the “maximum characters per line” option available in the settings.