Transfer songs to a new computer

i have a new computer and I need to get my songs off the old one so I don’t have to retype them

Sure - you can move your “.quelea” folder from C:\users\USERNAME to the new PC.

how can I do it without losing my songs I have downloaded in my current computer

Just copy that whole “.quelea” folder over - leave it where it is on the current computer, and add it to the “C:\users\USERNAME” folder (replacing USERNAME with your username) on the new computer.

I tried that and I can’t do it.

Going to need more specifics to help here I’m afraid - why couldn’t you do it? Could you not find the folder? Did it not let you copy it? Did it not show your song database on the new computer?

Note that the instructions I’ve given there are for Windows - on Mac or Linux machine, the .quelea folder will be in your home dir instead.

it will let me copy my schedules but what I want to copy is the songs that I have already downloaded in the section that you choose your songs from and put them in my new computer. I have 2018 on the old computer and 2019 version on the new one. will that matter

can you get in my computer to help me

ok, it is as QSP extention and it wants to know what program to use to open it

If you have exported the songs to an QSP file, you can just import the file on your new PC in Quelea. The import will be similar to these instructions.

In order to see the “dot quelea” folder (C:\Users\USERNAME\.quelea) in the Windows Explorer, you might first need to check the Hiddens Items checkbox property in the Windows Explorer. If it is unchecked, than the Explorer doesn’t show the .quelea folder.

Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so very much. That was amazing and so simple to do. I can not thank you enough

No worries, I’m glad I could help!