Japanese Bible .xml

We’re a multi-cultural church in Japan. And the japanese bible dated 1953 is the only .xml file i found.

and that 1953 Japanese Bible is having an error when I presenting it.
The font size is very big and it does not fit to the screen frame overtaking the margins.

Font sizes are not customizable so I do not know how to fix this.

Please take a look and resolve this ASAP for you will be a great help.

Could you link us to the bible you found or possibly send us the one you have so that we could take a look at it? If you don’t have a link you can post here, you can send me the file at arvid at quelea . org.


Here is the page where I dowload it.
I’m not sure where’s the error coming from; the Quelea or the file.

Either way, I am asking for help regarding this.
Thanks so much for fast reply.

I you can suggest other XML file, that’ll be great.

Thanks for the link! I’ve just taken a look and I can confirm there’s an issue with that bible, or perhaps rather with the Japanese language and the way we calculate the font size.

@berry120, I’m not sure what would be the best approach here. Do you have any ideas? We split the verses by the space characters found, but according to Wikipedia:

In normal Japanese writing, no spaces are left between words

This means that Quelea treats it as one single long word. And because the bible passages (from what I’ve seen) only rely on the height variable in that part and not the width, the line gets wider than the screen. We could account for the width as well, but unless we split the verse somewhere, that would just mean that the line gets really small to fit the screen.

@paul24, do you know if it’s possible to split a Japanese sentence anywhere or if we need to know what it says to split it somewhere?

Just what I thought, it is on formal-unspaced version.

It is possible to cut it in between words. just be careful not cutting a word to not confuse them.
There will be hiragana after kanji(chinese characters) cut it after hiragana. は が に で を

It’ll be easier if I can edit it out from quelea.
Or quelea will force split it to fit to the screen.

Thanks so much for help.
Can we do anything about this?

Seems a bit too complicated to cut it from inside Quelea in that case, I’m afraid. What we can do is to make sure it fits the screen, but as I said before, that would still mean it would result in a single small line for long verses.

If you could edit the file yourself, that would of course be easier for us. Just open the file in a text editor (like NotePad++ or similar) and then you can edit it easily.

Just let us know if you would experience any other issues with Quelea!

And also upon making Japanese Song written in Japanese.

I found out I can’t type japanese character in the lyrics field.So, I tried typing in the Author Box and it worked.

Try typing japanese characters too in making songs.

Noong Biy, Okt 4, 2019 nang 3:48 AM, sinulat ni Arvid Nyström via Quelea community quelea@discoursemail.com ang:

It seems to be an issue connected to a library we use. I took a look at their GitHub page and found a possible workaround, so if you would consider testing the CI release that is being built right now and see if it works, that would be very helpful!