Unable to Install Quelea

Download manager is blocking the install (indicates “isn’t commonly downloaded” and doesn’t allow me to bypass), and following the download, I can’t activate the file by clicking on it in File Manager either. I’m assuming that I could bypass that by renaming it to an exe extension, but… is there another way? If this is actually a great program & legit (appears to be to me), this is certainly blocking its success.

Keep the file (right click on the download):


Still keep:

The download will finish now.

You can do an additional safety check on the download, for example with Microsoft Defender (on Windows 10/11).

Appreciate the response, DeeTigIT. I had clicked on the “Keep” button previously and completed the download. Also submitted info to the reporting system… but the file never reverted to its original name in order to be recognized by the system. So, I did manually rename it and it installed successfully, but I think a lot of people will miss out on utilizing this program if they’re having a similar experience, unless directions for this can get added somewhere on the site.

Here’s what happens when tested every time on a new, clean installed Windows computer, downloading Quelea with the Microsoft Edge browser. The behaviour is reproducable:

  1. The download ends with a warning and the following download file is present: “Niet bevestigd 821302.crdownload”

  1. Right-click the download warning, choosing 'Keep and '‘Still keep’ results automatically in a rename of the download file (no further manual actions required and no reporting done):

After this Quelea can be installed.

Looks like I had missed the drop-down at the second step, since it only gave two obvious choices there. Thanks again.

Thanks for the feedback! :+1: