VLC 32bit


Hi. I’m stuck in the “Quelea only works with VLC 32 bit / Windows 10 only downloads 64 bit” cycle!! Can anyone tell me how to download VLC 32 bit? Windows 10 seems quite determined that I should have the 64 bit - since the laptop has 64 bit capacity!
At the moment it’s a deal-breaker for me - if I can’t add/play videos.


If you’ve downloaded the 64 bit version of Quelea then you’ll need VLC 64 bit, not 32 bit. Have you got 64 bit Quelea and 64 bit VLC?

If so and it’s still not working then you can try downloading VLC 2.x rather than 3.x (https://download.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/2.2.8/win64/vlc-2.2.8-win64.exe) - some users have reported that working for them.


Oh?! Maybe I do have Quelea 64 bit! First few times when I opened Quelea I got the message “VLC was not found on your computer” - and when I was searching online that was a reason that popped up - Quelea needs 32 bit VLC. So that’s why I was trying to find it. I tried reinstalling VLC but it was just the same. After I posted my question here, I shut down the church laptop, but when I saw you’d sent a link, I opened it up again. Guess what! no error message and the video plays!!! So maybe all it needed was restart? Thanks for replying so quickly. I’m very new to Quelea - I got tasked with finding appropriate projection software for our church (to replace the basic pptx) that is easy enough to encourage others to get involved in the team. I’m hoping Quelea might be just what we need. But it’s great to have this forum if I hit another snag :slight_smile:


Hit another snag already!
Because we’ve been using powerpoint so long, we have our hymnbook on ppt slides. So I thought we could just add the songs to the Order of Service as ppts. But they seem to lose formatting when they’re imported? Any workarounds for that?
I tried saving the slides as images, and they look better, but then they appear in the list as ‘Image Group’. Is there another solution?


Happy the video issue is solved!

Unfortunately this is down to the library we use for displaying powerpoint slides, so there’s not a great deal we can do to solve it. However, you should be able to use Quelea with MS powerpoint (https://quelea-projection.github.io/docs/Presentations_tab) if you have it installed, which means the formatting on the main display should at least be correct.

We generally don’t recommend using powerpoint files for libraries of songs long term however, whatever projection package that you’re using - totally understand it might be necessary as a stopgap solution, but this means you lose the ability to change the formatting or edit the song from within the program, can’t search through the songs to add them from within Quelea, and means you can’t use some of the more advanced options (such as chord display on stage view and in the remote mobile view.)