Allow the use of Bold and Italics in songs

We use “Songs” for responsive readings quite often and in easy worship we used bold and italics to make it easier for people to know when to respond.

So reader text would be not bold and italicized

Responsive sections would be Bold

Is there a way to do this in quelea? I ead the guide and did some searches but saw nothing.

I don’t think that is possible as of now, because the songs and Bible sections both use the theme which is globally applied to that whole song/text.

What you could do is the following:
#1 Make 2 seperate songs (one called reader text, other called response)
#2 Give the reader & response text its own theme (you can do that by hovering over the item in the schedule).

Thanks for the suggestion but a theme would still apply to all the text.
I’m specifically looking for alternate line formatting.

It would be something like:

LEAD:Bla Bla bla

ALL: la la la


Not sure why the font settings has to be applied universally. It should be possible to insert overriding formatting characters at least - similar to forums where you can do [b] text[\b] for example


Interested in the same feature, as to distinguish Chorus from Verse. And also, if possible, to select color as to show parts of the song that are to be sung by men or women.

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I concur that it would be very helpful to be able to use Bold and especially Italics in songs. Selecting color as Tim suggested, would also be helpful.