Automatically convert to MP3 is greyed out

Hi! We’ve been using Quelea for a couple of years now and have greatly appreciated it! I do have a support question though please!

Last week we moved over from our old (Windows 7) computer to a new Windows 10 one. I have everything set up and working, with the exception of one problem. When I go into the options for recording audio, there is the option to automatically convert to MP3, which it says requires VLC. This option is greyed out. I have VLC (both 32 and 64 bit) installed, and Quelea obviously recognizes this since it plays video no problem; it’s just this one option that for some reason seems not to notice it. I’ve tried restarting Quelea with no success; for all I know it could work fine when we power it back up this coming Sunday! But I wanted to find out if this was a known problem, or any suggestions you have for resolving this.


Hello Adrian,
I’m also a big fan of Quelea but am a relatively new user. I just tried the same feature on my Windows 7 (64 bit) based laptop and found the exact same problem.

Some additional comments…
I tried this feature again yesterday by recording a very short amount of audio, it stored it properly in .wav format, and at the bottom of the Quelea screen it displayed “Converting recording to MP3” accompanied by the oscillating marker at the bottom of the screen which wouldn’t stop on its own.

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for letting us know, this seems to be a bug where the setting is disabled if VLC is found instead of the other way around. This should be resolved in the CI release that currently is building.

Thanks for that! I saw that there’s a new ci release now but it says not to be used in production - how wobbly is it?!

At the moment I would say it should be stable, in fact it might be even be more stable than Quelea 2020.0 (supposing the bug fixes worked). However, in general the CI release comes with a greater risk since that’s where all the most recent changes end up, and any changes might of course introduce new bugs.

So far, we’ve mostly just added label translations and minor bug fixes, and the new web version of the remote control page should not affect anything else in Quelea. So until now we haven’t added any new features that could risk making Quelea more unstable from what I can tell.

If anyone would interested in looking closer at what changes have been made so far, here’s all the commits since the stable version.