Snap Not Working

Trying to install Quelea in Mx Linux with snap. Verified snap is installed but keep getting error cannot communicate with server. Also is 32 bit version for windows still available . Local church still using old XP system and would like to introduce them to Quelea. Thanks for a great free program.

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Hmm, what’s the exact error message you’re getting there about the server? It sounds like it may be an error with snapcraft rather than Quelea (that doesn’t ring a bell in terms of error messages on the Quelea side.)

We haven’t provided a 32 bit version for windows for the last couple of releases as Quelea doesn’t tend to fare so well on older hardware. Windows XP in particular isn’t supported by Java 8, which is needed to run Quelea.

Apparently it is a glitch in snap. Tried other snaps they failed too with same error message. Switched to peppermint 10 . Snap worked ok

After searching found info indicating sysvinit is used instead of systemd on mx linux as default . Using start up options allows user to switch to systemd on start up . Then snaps work fine. However found even after installing snap program when restarting using default sysvinit snap installed program shows in program list but will not start. Restart with systemd and program works . so fault is in os not quelea or snap. Just FYI. Thanks

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Thanks very much for the confirmation :slight_smile:

So what would I need to do to install Quelea on system using sysvinit instead of systemd ? Tried cross platform . Installed but would not start

Afraid I wouldn’t be able to say - far from a sysvinit / systemd expert here, that’s not my forte!

@berry120 I believe the only way is to either compile the code/make a .deb out of compiled code/make an AppImage
I would actually be glad to assist in producing these provided I have guidance in getting the code compiled

What I want to fundamentally know is whether or not the previous .deb package of 2018 version was dependent on JRE being installed into the system. If it was I was looking into this:

Since I noticed that the common way of making a .deb is to do ./configure, make, then the command that creates the .deb I was taking into account the possibility that Quelea’s code base back in 2018 did not have JRE as a dependency and I would very much prefer to not have that as a dependency if possible as it is a bane to having a secure computing environment.