Different Window Title

Hey all! I am using OBS and noticed that the “Window” title for both stage and main is “projection window”. My OBS window capture keeps getting confuzzled and switching to my stage display instead of my actual main display. Any way to change this?

We keep facing the same at our church! We also have to chroma key one of the projection windows so we can overlay the lyrics on top of our video feed, due to which we cannot use any fancy backgrounds on the lyrics displayed within the church. Another problem we face is, we need to split every line of the song into individual slides so it fits in the lower-thirds.

I just started working on a way to get quelea lyrics directly into OBS without screen capture, and also control the lyrics from within OBS. It might help your case too.

Project here : GitHub - kavishdahekar/obselea: UI Panel for Controlling Quelea From OBS , hopefully I should be able to finish it by the weekend!

YESSSS!! Super excited about this.

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Did you tried quelea2obs?