PowerPoint animations

Do I need to use PowerPoint’s seperate Window for any animations? It won’t work clicking twice on the same slide inside Quelea?

You should be able to use the arrow keys from within Quelea to move the animations forward IIRC - does that work for you at all?

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Alright, thanks berry120. Up/down/left/right buttons indeed work to cycle through animations (I’m used to clicking on the same slide a second time to push next animation because that’s how EasyWorship works).

Are there any plans on the Quelea Remote App being able to cycle through animations? That’d be pretty cool because we would like our presenters to be able to take control of their PowerPoints entirely. (If not, we will keep using our Logitech remote tho).


You can actually do that already if you use the arrow buttons instead of clicking the slides. I’m afraid the slides won’t update to show what it looks like after the animation but you’re at least able to cycle through them.