Projector Screen Display Issue

I’ve encountered a problem with my Custom Position Projector screen setting not being followed by Quelea until I turn off the Custom Position feature, then click OK, then turn the feature back on. This process is currently necessary every time Quelea is started, prior to displaying songs, etc.

It took a lot of experimenting with the settings on that Options screen before I figured out what worked best initially (earlier today when hooking up our Windows 10 PC in our A/V booth). My large screen monitor does not display proper alignment unless the settings I manually entered into the display screen in Quelea (2020.0) are in effect.

I think the problem noted above started after I tried selecting the Apple Play option on our external Projection Display switch box and then switching back to display the PC’s output. I did this because it is not unusual to do this during a service to facilitate showing a presenter’s wireless Apple based materials on the projection screen.

I’ve tried adding the “” statement to the file without any visible change resulting.

Any suggestions?

Issues Resolved!
After trying various potential solutions and prayer, I went to the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel software on the PC which feeds on our flat screen monitor and lowered the resolution setting from 1920x1080 to 1680x1050. I also selected the “Scale Full Screen” option to make the most of the physical screen size. This fixed both issues noted.

Hey, sorry for the slow reply - all the developers have been rather busy with other things as of late, so haven’t had as much time to frequent the forum as we would have liked. This should still work without you having to lower the resolution though, so I’ll investigate nonetheless and see if there’s anything there that we can improve.

Thank you Michael for your message and for all you do for Quelea!

Kent (A/V Rep for Paso Robles Bible Church [PRBC])