Is there a way to pass songs from Quela to Easyworship?

I know Openlyrics is not accepted by Easyworship but I was curious if there was an application that can help me reformat songs into Ewsx format because simply changing the .xml file to .ewsx doesn’t work. Has anyone else ran into this problem and what was your solution to it?

This is more an EW issue/shortcome, I think. On the EW forum, there’s a recent topic:

At the end ‘craigmash’ states:

When we went to EW, it was worth taking the time to manually create all our songs. We used copy/paste for text. We did it week to week as we used songs, not all at once. So I would recommend that. Then you are not overwhelmed trying to put in hundreds of songs.

That is very unfortunate for a paid service thanks for the help in answering the question. I will see if anything can be done.