Java Plaform SE Binary not responding

Quealea hangs up and I get this error. Sometimes it would not even open my schedule. It happens during sermons. But not consistent. Anybody wirh the same? My version is 2020.0

Yes. I am seeing this on program load, opening a saved service and when clicking OK on the options page. Memory is at 50% and CPU around 35%. I tried upgrading to 2021.0 but same behavior.

@Andriettevdm do you also get the same behaviour with the latest version?

If so and you could attach the debug log in case that helps, that’d be great.

It does not happen on every initiation of the program. As soon as it happens I will copy out the log before re firing. The previous log was clean.

Sorry, yes it is on the latest version, I checked. It has improved with the new version, but happening more often again

Hi all. This was resolved with hardware upgrades. Both memory and installed a SSD, looks a little more stable now