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Good afternoon, I came across an interesting attribute last night. In the lyrics for the slides the words Verse, Tag, Chorus etc are reserved words that are recognised by the program and masked out on the view on screen etc
We are an Afrikaans church (South Africa) and we have the word ‘Verseker’. The program then masks the whole line. Putting a space before the word does not work. I added a ’ in front of the word but it shows on the screen. Would love to hear if there are any suggestions as to overcome this
Friendly greetings
We are very fortunate as our church is small and we will continue with Sunday services. My heart goes out to all who’s services had to be cancelled.

Feel free to open an issue for this on:

In the meantime you could use this work-around:


You can also prefix that line with underscore _

_Verseker line

It seems that all underscores are removed for some reason so this does not cause any aligment issues. For example non-breaking space is not removed when showing lyrics, so line might start from different position.

I don’t know the exact reason why undescores are removed, but it seems to be desired behaviour.

Thank you so much it worked perfect

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