Seeing green screen as the background when using video backgrounds or playing videos themselves

Hi there! We seeing this problem even after disabling the overlay setting in DirectDraw in VLC, Is there anything else I can try? This an onboard Intel HD graphics on a i5 computer, Windows 10 1903 (though a few years old). Any help is appreciated!

Hey, have you tried any other settings in VLC? Does VLC play videos ok outside of Quelea at all?

Yup, it plays fine outside in VLC, but is instantly green for any video BG :frowning:

Can you go (in VLC) to tools -> preferences -> video and uncheck “Accelerated video output” and see if that makes a difference?

I have the same on my 10 yr old home computer.
Downgrading the vlc to vlc-2.2.8-win64 (that is: the latest v2 VLC) solves this green screen problem.

I found this comment in issue #8 [ ] :
The hardware acceleration is a different issue but one we’ve had reported as well - the long and short of it is that the change / issue is with VLC, not Quelea. VLC 3 activates hardware accelerated decoding by default, whereas the 2.x branches had to have it enabled explicitly. I’m not aware of anything we can do to change this setting from within Quelea unfortunately.

Drawback, however:
Probably, after downgrading VLC to 2.2.8, the video hue setting doesn’t work anymore. (but I didn’t test that). This setting was adjusted in issue #8 to work correctly with the new VLC 3 version.

My home computer config:

  • quelea-2019.0-crossplatform-install
  • vlc-3.0.8-win64 (with hardware-accelerated decoding setting DISABLED)
  • jre-8u231-windows-x64
  • Asus EAH4850 1GB graphics card (does NOT support VLC hardware-accelerated decoding)