Using different folders for backgrounds


Thanks for Quelea, I really wanna use it, but there are some obstacles on my way.

I use a lot of video backgrounds (more than 600 videos). They are stored on separated disk partition and categorized according to its content between different folders (e.g. nature, cross, heaven, bible and so on). But Quelea copies all videos in “.quelea\vid” without any possibility to chose another folder and allocate this videos according to their content.

Is there any way to chose special path for each video file? Or may be you can add such possibility in the next release? I really need it.

BTW, I can make some correction in Russian translation, if you want. And I made some better version of Russian Bible (with translated names of Books of the Bible). I can send it and help with Russian if you need.

Sorry for my English and thanks in advance.

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Afraid we don’t have that functionality at the moment - the videos are just all in one flat list, and won’t cope well with that many. We can look at improving this for a later release, but afraid we can’t give timescales to that (and afraid it’s unlikely to be in the next release.)

We don’t include any non-English bibles in Quelea directly, but help with translations is always welcome! You can view the missing labels here: - if you want to contribute any changes to the russian language file as a PR that’d be fantastic!



Thanks for your answer.

When I spoke about Bible module, I didn’t mean to include it in the program. May be there is some way to put it here, for example:

And I really hope you will add in some future release that feature I asked. May be I’m wrong, but it seems to me it’s not too hard to take video from the direct path without copying it in /vid. Whatever it was I will wait for it.

And I’ll try to help with russian language file.

Maybe you can consider one more feature.

It will be absolutely perfect to have the possibility to assign special video background to each song, but all other settings (text settings, position) these songs must take from default theme.

After that your program will be just brilliant!

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